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Addiction to smokeless tobacco products is just as serious as an addiction to cigarettes, but there is help available through your physician and support groups. Using some of these simple steps may also help you quit the addition.

  • Write down a list of reasons to quit. For example:
  • Don't want to risk getting cancer.
  • Family members find it offensive.
  • Don't like having bad breath after chewing and dipping.
  • Don't want stained teeth (or no teeth).
  • Don't like being addicted to nicotine.
  • Want to start leading a healthier life.
Pick a quit date and throw out all chewing tobacco and snuff. Remember daily your decision to stop chewing tobacco. Ask friends and family to help you stay committed to the decision to quit, by giving support and encouragement. Find alternatives to smokeless tobacco, such as sugarless gum, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, apple slices, raisins, or dried fruit. Engage in recreational activities to keep your mind off of smokeless tobacco. With your doctor, develop a personalized plan that works best. Set realistic goals and reward successes